New certification for Iggesund

A new thick paperboard from Iggesund Paperboard has been certified for HP Indigo for printing high-value applications on commercial digital presses.

The 18 pt (457 microns ) Invercote Creato 380 g/m2 is double coated on both sides, offering identical print surfaces on both sides, making it especially suitable for premium packaging applications The paperboard was tested and certified for the HP Indigo 10000 series and HP Indigo 7000 series presses.

“When developing this product’s grammage and thickness, our development team wanted to ensure we meet not only the demanding requirements of conventional printing methods, but also the needs of digital printers who are looking for the thickest possible substrate that today’s digital presses can handle. This grammage is especially interesting to the US market where 18 pt is an attractive thickness for a lot of applications”, says Petra Kreij, Product Manager for Invercote at Iggesund Paperboard.

Tests were conducted at HP Indigo testing center in Singapore in multi-shot mode on an HP Indigo 7600 press and an HP Indigo 10000 press. At Iggesund, the certification process has been coordinated by Wout van Hoof, Senior Technical Manager with a special responsibility for digital printing processes.

“We are very pleased that Iggesund has certified this new thick substrate. It is one of the thickest products that has been certified for our HP Indigo presses, opening new high-value packaging opportunities for HP Indigo commercial press owners,” said Heidemarie Hinger, HP Indigo Commercial Media Manager.

Invercote Creato 380 g/m2 joins the other grammages within the portfolio of which all the lower grammages already have HP certification. All certified products and grammages are available in the HP MediaLocator, and through regular Iggesund distribution.

The Invercote Creato product family, is designed to offer equal printing properties on both sides, with an exceptionally smooth surface that is tailored to faithfully reproduce the most sophisticated printed images. This surface, combined with Invercote Creato’s excellent structural, design and embossing characteristics, make it ideal for demanding graphical applications. The whiteness level is tailored to ensure the best print contrast and colour reproduction properties required for high-end print productions.

Caption: A new thick paperboard from Iggesund Paperboard has been certified for HP Indigo for printing high-value applications on commercial digital presses.


Iggesund Paperboard is part of the Swedish forest industry group Holmen, one of the world’s 100 most sustainable companies listed on the United Nations Global Compact Index. Iggesund’s turnover is just over €500 million and its flagship product Invercote is sold in more than 100 countries. The company has two brand families, Invercote and Incada, both positioned at the high end of their respective segments. Since 2010 Iggesund has invested more than €380 million to increase its energy efficiency and reduce the fossil emissions from its production.

Iggesund and the Holmen Group report all their fossil carbon emissions to the Carbon Disclosure Project. The environmental data form an integral part of an annual report that complies with the Global Reporting Initiative’s highest level of sustainability reporting. Iggesund was founded as an iron mill in 1685, but has been making paperboard for more than 50 years. The two mills, in northern Sweden and northern England employ 1500 people.


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Iggesund Paperboard

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Baralan: Embracing Beauty

At the beginning there was a dream. Dreams shape and create the world, but dreams come true if you act. Therefore, in 1962, Baralan began to devote itself with intuition, courage and creativity to its dream of creating high quality products and service in the cosmetic packaging industry. Transferring the essence of the beauty of perfumes, creams, make up, and everything we use daily for our well-being, into the containers that fill our homes and our bags, is at the foundation of Baralan’s philosophy.

A perfume without its bottle is just a mixture of substances, a cream without its own jar remains only a semi-solid form as well as make up. However with Baralan’s packaging each of these products has its own dress that enhances it. A form that contains beauty not in the sense of restriction but in  safeguarding its essence. For almost 60 years Baralan has been synonymous of quality and 360° customer service: both in the concept phase up to research and development, and in production up to quality control and logistics.

Baralan creates, designs, engineers, manufactures and customizes glass and plastic containers, with related accessories, believing in the value of long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers. A daily challenge to present a wide range of high quality products largely available in stock and in various locations that meet the increasingly personalized requests of the cosmetic industry, with the aim of being recognized as a point of reference in Primary Packaging for cosmetics.

The renewal within Baralan is continuous, just as each one of us would like to see himself always beautiful and at the same time always different. Baralan’s uniqueness consists in choosing the practicality of the shape and the Made in Italy woven in an essential and functional packaging that always looks to the future without forgetting its roots. And it is precisely here that Baralan finds its identity: combining constant innovation with the values of the past. In each new product developed with such care and dedication there is a story to be told, as in each one of us.

Baralan preserves the enduring traces of beauty by setting them in the cosmetic packaging for Skincare, Make Up and Fragrance. A jar or bottle apparently simple but always characteristic, which functional solutions for closures and innovative accessories, are some examples of the wide range of Baralan’s products. The products whose functionality, durability, and stability are always well studied and accurate. The shapes and accessories of Baralan, thanks to the search for an elegant style and an aesthetic harmony, allow the personalization of each product which therefore always becomes something truly unique and appealing.

Baralan’s products are for daily use: at any time they move from the shelves to the bags, they are opened and closed, but they are not consumed. And precisely because the use is daily and continuous, Baralan’s packaging guarantees the integrity of the product making it intact and easy to use. Packaging captures the substance of beauty, it frames its fascination and safeguards its essence making it indelible. At the same time, packaging is the guarantee of the brand identity that differentiates it from others.

Baralan actively collaborates with companies within the Group specialized in decoration, molding, acid-etching, varnishing, satin finish, screen printing, hot stamping; with the use of vitrified enamels and precious metals such as gold or platinum, also in relief, on transparent and metallic surfaces, using a wide range of colors. At the base of Baralan’s international mission are the continuous investments in research and development and quality, that guarantee the creation of a superior added value, both in terms of products and services offered, with the ultimate aim of providing to its customers a complete experience tailored to their needs. All of this is completed with a quality control system that takes place throughout all the production phases and which guarantees the reliability of all products.

Baralan’s Packaging, studied and cured in every detail, involves and excites. Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Creativity are the core values of the Group which offers to the market a wide range of standard packaging, and not only, also of custom-made packaging, paying attention to the demands of the market that increasingly looks towards innovation and also to eco-friendly solutions. Baralan in fact has at heart the evolution of the market and the health of our planet, therefore the Group continually invests in research and development, not only focusing on glass, which has always been a recyclable and sustainable material, but also on the use of biopolymers, not linked to the food chain, with the aim of becoming the main materials used in the production process.

Baralan thus positions itself in the market as a historic Italian company with an open, flexible and dynamic vision, and with an international presence and a widespread distribution of its products in more than 50 countries. The Group brings Made in Italy to the world, understood as a symbol of beauty, design and impeccable taste combined with an excellent level of quality and service, since always appreciated worldwide and recognized in the packaging developed.


Following the launch of its latest innovation, SCENTOUCH®, iD SCENT is proud to announce its exclusive partnership with the Shiseido group.

Under this partnership, iD SCENT, the fragrance sampling expert, is granting the exclusive use of SCENTOUCH® to the Shiseido group for a period of one year, from January to December 2020.

Fruit of a historic collaboration

This contract is the culmination of a long-standing collaboration between iD SCENT and the internationally renowned group.

Shiseido was one of the first groups to place its trust in iD SCENT and its innovative technologies. Shiseido is constantly searching for innovations in order to renew its sampling tools, strike out on new paths and offer new fragrance discoveries. The group is also very attentive to the eco-responsibility of its products.

First SCENTOUCH® press campaign

Marking the release of its new Narciso Rodriguez EAU DE PARFUM AMBRÉE perfume in the NARCISO line, Shiseido is launching the marketing of the SCENTOUCH® tool with an international press campaign.

In all, over six million SCENTOUCH® samples will be distributed in more than 60 magazines in about 20 countries.

SCENTOUCH®, the new eco-friendly fragrance gesture

With SCENTOUCH®, iD SCENT is revisiting fragrance sampling techniques, disrupting the sampling market once more. The SCENTOUCH® sample offers a realistic, delicate experience. With its applicator loaded with perfume, SCENTOUCH® allows consumers to discover the perfume on the applicator, on the skin or both.

Consisting solely of paper, with no aluminium, the SCENTOUCH® tool is eco-friendly and recyclable.


Since 1948, G.Pivaudran has been designing and manufacturing innovative tailor-made metal components in the perfume, cosmetics and spirits sectors worldwide.


G.Pivaudran has crafted an elegant aluminum disc stamped with an anodized brushed engraving in satin copper to add a touch of luxury to the bottle. This piece, designed in partnership with Les Bouchages Delage, adorns the wood and cork cap topping one of the cognacs in the Rémy Martin: Tercet range.

The creation demonstrates one of the many ways in which aluminum can be used for embellishment.


  • G.Pivaudran, an entirely family-owned company, has since 1948 been one of the main employers in Souillac (Lot)

  • G.Pivaudran is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of metal packaging, mainly using aluminum, in the perfume and cosmetic sectors

  • 200 employees across two sites (15,000m2)

  • A turnover of 20 million euros in 2018, 20% of which represents export

  • Its most iconic creations:
    Bleu and Gabrielle for Chanel, Voyage and Jour for Hermès, J’Adore l’Or for Dior, One Million for Paco Rabanne, Déclaration for Cartier, Emporio Armani for l’Oréal, Happy for Men for Clinique and Contradiction for Men for Calvin Klein

  • Key customers who have placed their trust in G.Pivaudran include:
    Chanel – Hermès – LVMH – Louis Vuitton – Estée Lauder – L’Oréal – Paco Rabanne – Carolina Herrera – Cartier – Burberry – YSL

  • G.Pivaudran, a player strongly committed to an eco-friendly approach: the company is taking aluminum to the next level to produce an ever more sustainable material. Currently only using the metal in its purest form, G.Pivaudran’s sustainable growth strategy involves considering the inclusion of recycled aluminum in the sustainable luxury goods sector.

G.Pivaudran Press Relations
Nataly JOUBERT – Tel : +33 (0)6 09 42 25 94 –

The Absolute / Monro Group : e-commerce and ecology for the luxury industry.

The Absolute / Monro Group, with more than 35 years trading, designs, develops and produces bespoke luxury packaging, prints and high end personalized items for some of the most renown luxury brands such Alexander McQueen, Christian Louboutin, Harrods, Louis Vuitton, Harvey Nichols, Don Perignon, Christian Dior, Breitling and many more.

E-commerce : Recently developed for Breitling, an exquisite e-commerce box built like a real set-up box. On the outside, it is neutral for privacy purposes. On the contrary in the inside, it is like a tiny store which comes to your place, so you can fully experience Breitling Art de Vivre at home. A trend which has become more and more important for all luxury brands, to which we bring customized and innovative high end packaging solutions for their e-commerce needs.

Ecology : To support even more the current ecological trend, we currently develop for our clients relevant bespoke solutions. For Miller Harris, a packaging range for perfume with the base made out of household waste recycled plastic; the lid being made with recycled board and dyed uncoated paper. One of our many proposals to luxury brands, with whom we work with, who are always eager for eco-friendly solutions.

Thanks to our european propotype unit and design team, our production centers located in the United Kingdom and in China, our sales force in Leicester (head office), London, Bern and Paris, we are here to help our clients and bring them bespoke solutions for their packaging, print and gifts need.

Contact : The Absolute / Monro Group – Nicolas Marino, Luxury Packaging & Design Consultant, – Mobile : +41 76 419 78 82 .

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Kapag: Think the unthinkable thanks to 3D

Founded in Switzerland in 1852, KAPAG is a family-owned business specialising in the production, coating and finishing of multiply paper and paperboard. Our customers can choose from a unique range of laminated paperboards, or alternatively, look to KAPAG for the rapid realisation of their own product ideas.

Regarding the development of a new product, our customers benefit from an almost unlimited selection of base papers and combine them to create a paperboard compound that consists of between two and six layers. Thus, they are able to create a product for luxury packaging or graphical applications that is not only unique but also has the added benefit of being sustainable.

As to our range of laminated paperboards (The KAPAG collection), we can offer nearly 20 qualities and more than 1000 references that can be delivered at short notice.

Among them is FibreForm®, the world’s only 3D cartonboard. The FibreForm® compound is a food approved solid bleached board with high tensile stretch and tearing resistance. These properties allow for unusually deep embossing (greater than three times the board thickness), which until recently was unheard of in the field of cartonboard.

FibreForm® Board and FibreForm® Duo attract attention to packaged branded goods as well as help guard against counterfeit packaging. The two qualities complement the FibreForm® paper range of BillerudKorsnäs.

KAPAG is FSC-certified. More than 90% of the total energy consumption is generated without C02 emissions.

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