For nearly 30 years, Les Places d'Or has established itself as the reference show in the world of design and luxury packaging. This unmissable event gives manufacturers and designers the opportunity to present their most beautiful creation and achievement of the year, making Places d'Or a revealer of trends in the luxury packaging market.

Edito of Constantin Sklavenitis, Chief Prestige Brands Officer at Coty

Collaboration is a catalyst for innovation. The first Coty perfume bottles were created in partnership with prestigious firms such as Lalique, to name just one. They revolutionised the perfume industry by transforming the way fragrances were sold forever. Since 1904, we have been developing unique skills and an expertise in excellence. This pioneering spirit and creative daring are still intact today. Luxury design and packaging are deeply rooted in Coty’s DNA, and I am proud to be presiding this year’s Les Places D’Or trade fair and to be alongside you for this unmissable event.

Coty is driven by the ambition of reflecting diversified beauty: beauty that can change, like in our communities, beauty expressed in all its forms, present and future. Our role is to respond to the aspirations of our consumers with sophistication and creativity, without cutting corners on quality. It also means taking responsibility for helping to build a more sustainable future. Our goal is to intensify our commitments and become leaders in sustainable development, while basing ourselves on science in order to revolutionise the sector, as we have always done. Responsible development is the core driving force for innovation at Coty.

Our responsible strategy, Beauty That Lasts, expresses our vision of a more sustainable and inclusive world, while describing our actions to achieve it in a practical way. The strategy was launched in February 2020 and is guided by the United Nations’ aims for sustainable development. It is based around three pillars: Product, Planet, People.

The international innovation we have developed in partnership with Lanzatech embodies a spirit of responsible innovation: for the first time in the history of perfume-making, we are producing fragrances using ethanol made from recycled carbon. By 2023, most of our portfolio of perfumes will be produced by capturing carbon. An avant-garde commitment for the sector that will help towards the process of becoming a more circular company and reaching our goal of reducing absolute CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030.

Packaging is one of the key elements in this overall approach. Like many of you, I am aware that the revolution in this field has accelerated under the impact of the frequent crises we have experienced. The codes of luxury are changing, and packaging will always be the messenger of these codes.

The Places D’Or trade fair is a wonderful opportunity to combine responsibility and innovation, for an encounter between the skill of suppliers and the expertise of our teams. The CK EVERYONE bottle by Calvin Klein, for which we use 10 % recycled glass, reflects the harmony between the environmental commitment of a glass supplier and the message conveyed by our brand. We were the first to make use of this innovation in large quantities and the first to be given the “cradle to cradle” certification, which we are proud of and which encourages us to go even further.

I am looking forward to seeing the latest innovations that will soon be embodied in our brands, and we hope you will all enjoy some great encounters at the trade fair. Founded in Paris in 1904, Coty is one of the world’s top beauty companies with a portfolio of iconic perfume, beauty and make-up brands. Coty distributes its Prestige products, including the Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Chloé and Lancaster brands, and mass-market brands such as Bourjois and Rimmel, in over 130 countries. Coty and its brands aim to reflect diversified beauty: beauty that can change, like in our communities, beauty expressed in all its forms, present and future. Coty and its brands are socially and environmentally committed to supporting a wide range of causes and implementing an active policy to minimise our environmental footprint.