For nearly 30 years, Les Places d'Or has established itself as the reference show in the world of design and luxury packaging. This unmissable event gives manufacturers and designers the opportunity to present their most beautiful creation and achievement of the year, making Places d'Or a revealer of trends in the luxury packaging market.


An awe-inspiring vessel. Légendaire is presented in a distinctive crystal decanter created by French crystal maker Waltersperger, nestled in a carved wood box evoking the front door of Mademoiselle Manor. The decanter and accompanying box presentation take you on a private journey through the fascinating 19th century Ferrand family manor which they view as a world of wonder frozen in time. “This was a very challenging project,” explains Stéphanie Tourres, president of Waltersperger, France’s last semi-automatic glassmaker. “There is a lot of detail in the crystal on the neck and the side of the bottle, which also has a center indent on the front and back where the label is positioned.” Achieving an even distribution of glass was a feat due to the weight of the decanter, and much of the work was done manually,” she adds. “We were able to overcome the technical difficulty of having to match up very fine and delicate pieces and then shape them to the curves of the decanter,” explains Pierre Casteuble, Artistic Director at Maison Ferrand.