Depuis près de 30 ans, Les Places d’Or s’est imposé comme le salon de référence dans l’univers du design et du packaging de luxe. Ce rendez-vous incontournable de donne l’occasion aux fabricants et designers de présenter leur plus belle création et réalisation de l’année, faisant des Places d’Or un révélateur de tendances du marché du packaging de luxe..

LASER, from packaging to essential oil diffusers

Created more than 20 years ago by Ségolène de Pommereau, Laser has built a solid reputation in the pack & gift industry : Laser develops custom-made products, from secondary packaging, promotional items and accessories to well-being products and home scents fragrance diffusers

Its expertise covers the entire process, from product design to its manufacturing.

After years scouting factories in China, Laser is now actively engaged in the sourcing of new manufacturing facilities in Europe, and more particularly in France. This additional sourcing supports Laser’s strategy to design more eco-friendly products.

Laser joins Cosfibel group: A new stage in its development

In April 2021, Laser joined Cosfibel, which has taken a majority stake in its capital. Founded by Alain Chevassus and managed today by Marie Sermadiras, Cosfibel group is one of the European leaders in the industry of luxury packaging, merchandising and tailor-made promotional items in Europe. Recognized for its creativity and reliability, a pioneer in CSR commitments, Cosfibel is part of the top 1% of the best rated companies in the sector in terms of the environment, human and labor rights, ethics, and sustainable development.

This merger allows Laser to enter a new chapter of its history at the service of its customers, with an ever more innovative and responsible approach.