Depuis près de 30 ans, Les Places d’Or s’est imposé comme le salon de référence dans l’univers du design et du packaging de luxe. Ce rendez-vous incontournable de donne l’occasion aux fabricants et designers de présenter leur plus belle création et réalisation de l’année, faisant des Places d’Or un révélateur de tendances du marché du packaging de luxe..

Packaging Made by Italian Creativity

Baralan is today recognized as a point of reference in the world of packaging for the cosmetics industry as it designs, engineers and produces glass and/or plastic bottles, as well as related accessories, globally.

In addition to standard products, it develops also customized packaging, assisting customers both in the creative phase and in logistics with the utmost attention to all stages of the process, also thanks to its in-house Research and Development department.

“We are an Italian Company. We are working to offer high quality service in the Cosmetic Package World. Our work is based on passion and innovation, on our unique strengths and skills, on the quality of our people and in recognizing that diversity across all aspects of our operation and organization is something to be cherished. We believe in the value of long term partnerships with the Customers and Suppliers with whom we operate.“

Through a dynamic, resourceful and flexible organization, Baralan operates in more than 80 countries worldwide faithful to its mission: Full Packaging Service. Baralan oversees an ongoing quality control of its production and its stock is monitored by the purchasing department to guarantee the worldwide availability.

Baralan’s International Mission relies on continuous investments in research and development and large Worldwide inventory and logistics efficiency. This allows, The Baralan Group to satisfy the most important Customers in the Cosmetic Market. Creating new products inspired by the creativity and passion of its team is the first step of the industrialization process. The human factor is the most important component to reach excellence, therefore Baralan continues to invest also in human resources to build a team with expertise. Create a working environment where employees can feel inspired and involved with motivation and team spirit.

For Baralan it is important to innovate by proposing increasingly sustainable solutions, but at the same time it is equally important to always be able to guarantee the functionality of the product for the final consumer: it is a combination of relevance and credibility. Its daily challenge is to achieve results by presenting to the market a range of high quality products, capable of anticipating and satisfying the consumer’s needs even with adequate attention to environmental and social issues.

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