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News Gmund Paper

In accord with its ongoing strategy and environmental commitment, Gmund Paper took advantage of the past few months to bring a new product to market: Gmund Used. The following paragraphs provide details about our latest products, which we created to meet the needs of numerous brands, as well as the designers and printers who work with them. Gmund Paper responds to these requirements with products and services that satisfy the continual and growing demand for ecological solutions and custom-made paper.

Gmund Used

A paper with a past and a history, Gmund Used is made entirely from old and used papers. The manufacturing process works with 100% of deinked pulp. Giving new life to discarded paper, this innovative and creative product utilizes the recycling cycle for wastepaper. Available in dynamic new colors, Gmund Used is distinguished by its excellent robustness and high resistance to mechanical stress.
A paper for the future.
See how Gmund Paper’s owner Florian Kohler discusses Gmund Used.

Gmund Bio Cycle

Manufactured from plant fibers, Gmund Bio Cycle is a compostable product that decomposes to provide nutrients for new plants. Up to 50% of the paper consists of fibers from wheat straw, grass, cotton, or hemp.
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Gmund No Color No Bleach

Paper in its purest and simplest expression: neither dyed nor bleached, this paper perfectly embodies the virtues of simplicity – natural, raw and authentic.
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Gmund Heidi

Manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, Gmund Heidi has a distinctive look and feel, which clearly reveal that it is made from recycled papers.
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Gmund Creative System

This new offer of custom-made paper is also available for customers who order very small minimum quantities. Choose among 50 colors in vellum and metallic, 77 embossings, and grammages from 100 to 400 grams to create more than 30,000 different papers. The minimum quantity is 200 kilograms; the custom-made paper will be ready for delivery in seven to ten days.
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