For nearly 30 years, Les Places d'Or has established itself as the reference show in the world of design and luxury packaging. This unmissable event gives manufacturers and designers the opportunity to present their most beautiful creation and achievement of the year, making Places d'Or a revealer of trends in the luxury packaging market.

PR SERVICE GRAPHIQUE: At the service of dreams for more than 30 year

Since 1989 PR SERVICE GRAPHIQUE works closely with perfme, cosmetics, Fashion and spirits brands, to produce “pieces of art” for theirs prestigious clients, a most that makes their reputation.

Blotters, cards, gift boxes, red envelopes, shopping bags, flowers and even snow globes

take pride of place in the Courville-sur-Eure company’s display cases.

High quality graphics and visual style have always been its signature, for the two former

colleagues who have been at the helm since October 11th 2017.

This year we found the agreement between the two companies PR Service Graphique and IDScent to cobrand the “Scentouch” (design from PR Service Graphique) industrial production patterned by IDScent to produce everything in France following sustainability standard.

2020 is also special, due to pandemic and effect on our ways of working, we have to find the best way to serve our clients and propose the most efficient solutions in terms of design, production and deliveries.

For 2021 coming, we are going to make even more…